Easy to use all in one Sudoku Trainer, Solver, Creator, Player and Puzzle Printer.
Create unique Alphabetical puzzles found no where else.

Solving puzzles is easy! Just select the Blue SOLVE button, and type any puzzle onto
the screen,  Then click the 1st through 9th colored
Solve Puzzle buttons. You will see
the puzzle solved as you click!!

"This program will interactively train you to solve the easiest to most difficult puzzles.

"When the Blue TRAIN button is selected, clicking the Solve Puzzle buttons brings up
another window where that solving "Secret" is explained and demonstrated.

 "Finished puzzles can be checked by clicking the CHECK SOLUTION button.
Wrong numbers are shown in RED."

"The large screen makes it easy to see the numbers...and no holes in puzzle pages."

"Players will especially like the "Save Screen" feature, where a partially solved
puzzle can be saved, a new strategy tried, and if incorrect, the puzzle can be
recalled at the point where the puzzle was saved".

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Solving SuDoKu